Building management system

Be it a commercial or a residential premises, managing the security of the premises is always a tedious task. Secondly, without proper integration of security systems, having multiple security options will only create chaos. Understanding this scenario we at Safexindia have developed some of the finest Integrated Building management Systems. Systems which can easily be customised as per the premises & the clients needs, Systems which can be scaled as per the dynamic scenarios in the surroundings & Systems which can flawlessly perform around the year.

The Safexindia Integrated Building Management Systems is a systematically architectured BMS for the integration of HVAC, CCTV systems, Public addressing systems, Fire alarm systems, Access Control systems, & Security management systems. Following are the logical layers of the system architecture:

Management layer

Control layer

Field layer

Following are the systems which will be integrated in the Safexindia Integrated Building management system:

  • Fire Alarm & Detection System
  • Surveillance System
  • Access Control System
  • Public Address System
  • Perimeter intrusion System

Following are the systems which will be integrated in the Safexindia Integrated Building management system:

Fire alarm & detection System

Integrated fire alarm & detection system plays a key role when it comes to safeguarding employees from mishaps caused by accidental fire. It not only detects the source of fire but they are also capable of taking preventive measures to extinguish the fire. Hence, incase of a fire the occupants can be easily evacuated from the premises & in such case using a gas suppression system integrated with the (FAS) can also be helpful to suppress the fire & also protect equipment which can be easily damaged by water.

Surveillance System

Surveillance systems or CCTV systems integration is essential in every residential as well as commercial premises. These systems can be easily integrated with the existing security systems like fire alarm systems, or access control systems.With the latest development in AI (Artificial Intelligence) there are even systems which are capable of taking preventive measures as and when a problem is detected in the premises. Similarly, CCTV cameras with IP are also capable of live streaming the activities happening in the surrounding so that the security managers can easily live track the premises at any given time.

Access Control System

Earlier commercial & residential premises solely depended on the security personnel for restricting the entry of unwanted visitors. This problem is now solved with the aid of an access control system. Integrated along with a CCTV camera, every movement of the visitor can be monitored as he/she arrives at the premises. Only after approval from the concerned authority, access is granted to the visitor. Similarly, The data of the visitors is also saved in the system for further reference. All of this can be carried out with little to no human intervention.

Public Address System

A public address system comes really handy when it comes to managing the crowd in commercial or residential premises. This is specially used during a mishap or an unforsaken circumstance where a large crowd is to be directed out of the premises to avoid any casualties. An IP based PA system is widely used now-a-days so that specific messages are sent to specific departments in the premises.

Perimeter intrusion System

When it comes to commercial premises like warehouses or factories, keeping track on every movement in the premises is of key importance. Since the premises are big enough to keep track of the activities, there can also be a fair chance of pilfering by unethically entering the premises. In such cases, a PIS (Perimeter Intrusion System) is highly recommended. These systems are developed especially to not only keep a track on all the activities in the organisation but they are also capable to take preventive measures to avoid any losses due to human interventions.