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30th December 2019, the whole world is busy planning for the new year bash. Millions of people worldwide are anticipating a brand new year of possibilities, a brand new year of achievements & a brand new year to work on their dreams. Little did they know that they were headed to a dark future engulfed in the wave of a lethal pandemic; the SARS-Cov-2 or popularly known as the Covid-19 Pandemic. Till date over 9 million people have been infected & over 4 lakhs people worldwide have succumbed to the virus. On the other hand, the global economy is badly hit with a wave of lockdowns which seemed to be the only way to avoid the virus from spreading.

With conditions getting worse day by day some steps were needed to be taken to not only uplift the economy but also get accustomed to the new normal. Hand sanitizers, face masks & PPE kits turned out to be the only way to prevent the infection, but how effective they are is still a question that haunts everyone who steps out of their house to fend for their family be it a public sector worker or an employer who runs an MNC. The current situations pleaded for help, business wanted a preventive measure which not only protected the individuals but also kept those infected by the virus away from the workplace.

To cater to this jarring need, ‘Technocrats Safety & Security Systems Pvt Ltd’, decided to take charge & develop autonomous systems which could not only detect the infected personals but also ensure that he/she does not enter the factory or office premises. To achieve this, a special synergy of features were needed. Features which would sync with the current available resources, features which would work in coordination with other systems installed at the entry of the company & most importantly features which worked flawlessly regardless of the place of installation. Keeping these criterias in mind we at ‘technocrats safety & security systems’ developed CCTV systems which not only performed its action of surveilling the zone but it was capable to scan & detect potential patients who attempted to enter the premises.

With successful tests of the CCTV systems we decided to upscale the level of security by lowering the human interventions. This was achieved with an active AI (Artificial Intelligence) which was linked to the access control systems thus forming a complete entry system which not only scanned the personals entering the premises but also stopped infected personals from entering. Simultaneously it also recorded the data of all the visitors who entered the premises as the AI was embedded with a highly advanced facial recognition component. This not only helps in keeping track of the number of personals entering the premises but it also provides useful data for contact tracing in case any of the personals gets infected by the virus by external mediums.

How does it work?

Firstly, the newly developed system comprises a high precision thermal camera embedded with a specially developed AI which reduces the human intervention & the chances of creating a false alarm. Primarily, the system was built to work on zero human interventions but for additional safety purposes we can have one personal monitoring the entire process.

Secondly, the key component of this system is the access control unit which is assembled on the entry of the premises. Once the system scans the individual, signals are sent to the access control unit to either allow or restrict the person from entering the premises.

The third component which plays a silent role is the software which decides whom to allow access in the premises as well as the number of personals permitted in the premises at the given time. This also maintains a record of every visitor which arrives at the entry of the company. If the body heat of the individual is within the permitted range i.e. 36-37 degree celcius, if the system notices a change in the body temperature it will automatically generate an alarm & restrict the access of the suspected personal. Thus ensuring all round safety of the premises.

With such technological advancements in the domain of security systems, we can ensure that despite the dark days that we are facing now we do stand a chance of a brighter & safer future. This thus marks the beginning of a new era in the domain of CCTV & security systems. An era which is governed by artificial intelligence, an era which is built upon synergy & automation.

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