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Every business needs infrastructure to operate and to operate effectively, the infrastructure must be managed by controlling every factor that constitutes it. Businesses indulge in numerous activities that integrate together to produce results and to run the activities as planned; the business requires various mechanical and electronic equipment. Depending on the scale of activities, the equipment increases and makes it hard to ensure efficiency which results in electrical faults and mismanagement. If a business wants to increase the operational efficiency of the business and manage every factor of the building which affects the business activities, an Integrated Building Management System is what they need.

What is an Integrated Building Management System?

An Integrated Building Management System is a computer-based control system installed in buildings that controls and monitors the building’s mechanical and electrical equipment such as ventilation, lighting, power systems, fire systems, and security systems. It delivers a complete package to an organization to manage every aspect of the business and ensure that everything works hassle-free and to its full potential. An Integrated Building Management System networks and integrates all of the mechanical, IT, electrical and security systems through a master control system enabling them to share information and work smoothly.

The BMS software connects the various building management systems with each other and leverages the information gathered from various components to guarantee peak efficiency. All of the equipments are connected in a way that they can be controlled and managed through a single workstation. When infused with AI and other smart software, IBMS has the capability to control appliances automatically based on a predetermined command.

What constitutes an Integrated Building Management System?

A typical Integrated Building Management System includes the integration of the following systems:

  • Power: This includes the control and monitoring of the flow of power to various electronic and mechanical equipment in the building.
  • Climate control: This system manages the climate of the building through integrated ACs, heaters, fans etc.
  • Access Control: The system manages the entry and exit of people in the building by scanning their credentials and stopping unauthorized access.
  • Fire Safety: One of the most important systems of IBMS, it detects and alarms the building of potential fire and avoids further damage to property and human life.
  • IT & Data Centers: This system of IBMS, continuously monitors the servers and data centers to ensure uninterrupted operation. It minimizes energy consumption and keeps environmental conditions in a defined range.

Why is IBMS Important?

IBMS is defined as the key to efficiency for any business, big or small. By creating an integrated network of systems, IBMS makes it easier for a business to complete daily tasks and achieve business goals. Every business should invest in IBMS because:

  • Centralized monitoring: The feature that makes IBMS alluring to businesses is the way it combines various systems into one. Called Centralised monitoring, it can monitor and manage all the integrated systems through a single workstation, without having to separately look after every equipment of the building. The centralized monitoring feature of IBMS makes it possible for a business to effectively control everything that can affect the business activities and ensure the effect is always positive.
  • Enhanced security: With time, the business grows and the business activities increase in number and scale, which results in more data, assets, and number of employees. IBMS integrates every security product installed in the building, such as fire detectors & alarms, smoke detectors & alarms with CCTV and surveillance cameras. Effective integration of industrial security products through IBMS protects the employees and assets in the building and ensure enhanced security.
  • Automation: IBMS automates the mechanical and electronic equipment of the building and compels them to follow specific commands. For example, the light sensors can be tailored to turn themselves off as soon as all the employees leave the room or the sprinklers can be coded to sprinkle water as soon as the fire alarm is triggered. Through automating these tasks, IBMS has allowed business to focus on completing business activities and forget about tasks which doesn’t need their immediate and constant attention.

Who requires Integrated Building Management System?

An Integrated Building Management System can be installed in virtually any building irrespective of the type of activities undertaken by an organization. Today, IBMS is implemented in buildings of businesses such as:

  • Pharmacy Companies: Pharmacy companies stock medicines of great value with some of them being highly inflammable. The building of a Pharmacy company having IBMS can cater to physical security needs of medicines and the employees by integrating fire safety systems with fire alarms and sprinklers.
  • Data Centers: Data Centers are the heart of an organization and store valuable data that must be protected from unauthorized entities. A data center with IBMS is able to constantly monitor and manage the servers to ensure smooth operations and avoid any unauthorized login.
  • Industrial Compounds: Industrial compounds such as oil and gas consume massive energy in their operations and employ heavy machinery. As the components are highly inflammable, precise surveillance is needed. IBMS in an industrial compound minimizes energy consumption through automation and provides for effective fire safety through constant CCTV surveillance.
Our Services for Integrated Business Management System

We strive to provide best-in-class Integrated Business Management System for your business through our innovative and technologically advanced services. Which includes:

  • Designing: Our team of IBMS experts analyze your building thoroughly to design an IBMS system which fulfills all of your business requirements. We strategize with our experts to develop a comprehensive IBMS system infused with advanced technologies and superior quality products. The IBMS is specifically tailored according to your requirements to increase efficiency and security.
  • SITC: We provide top-notch supply, installation, testing and commissioning of the Integrated Building Management System. Our expert team works passionately and round the clock until the SITC is completed with satisfactory and successful results. Once the IBMS is installed, we check and monitor the system regularly to ensure it is working at its full efficiency.

Integrated Building Management system has revolutionized how a business undertakes and completes its activities. It has made the operations easier and limited the margin of error. Through a system of integrated software, it has created a network where automation and AI controls and monitors what humans had to previously. IBMS makes up for the ideal system to invest in if a business wants to increase operational efficiency and ensure that the building is protected against any accidents or natural disasters.

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